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Covering a vast array
of industries and issues

Labour Law

CLL offers legal services in labour relationships which involve drawing up a customized labour agreement that maximally meets a client’s needs while reviewing and evaluating the expected legal risks of the agreement. Additionally, we offer legal assistance in cases of labour disputes through mediation or in court.

Our team is well versed with the peculiarities and complexities of the Labour Code of Georgia and keeps duly informed about any changes or additions.

Construction Law

CLL offers legal services on any issues related to construction such as: preparation of agreements, creation of partnerships, registration of land, acquisition of building permits, preparation and negotiation of building projects, providing advice on the provision of tender issues and others. In particular, our team of professionals has extensive experience in land registration, privatization and leasing issues.

Real Estate

The CLL service area also includes real estate registration, change of land status, evaluation of expected risks and the preparation of relevant documents and contracts.

With our help, you can avoid any problems within the process of registration with your desired results delivered in the shortest period of time while taking all of your interests into consideration from start to finish.


Many winemakers and vineyard owners have used CLL’s legal services for successfully dealing with the complex issues related to Georgia’s wine law and the winemaking industry.

In particular, we can assist you with all facets of wine production and land use planning, the purchase of grapes, vineyard leasing, state licensing, distribution and export contracts and issues of the protection of intellectual property. Our clients boast growing businesses, a successful place on the wine market and continued successes.


CLL is particularly interested in supporting Georgian start-ups and so it is to this end that we offer legal services with special privileges and conditions based on the specifics of an individual start-up.

Start-ups need very specific legal support which we can offer while suggesting the best ways forward in order to avoid any problems, challenges or obstacles along the way to a successful start-up. We believe that the right steps must be taken from the beginning for the success and growth of any new enterprise.

Petroleum Products

We help oil industry representatives handle challenges and obstacles by providing carefully researched and planned solutions which are efficient and innovative Our team has demonstrated experience in crafting and providing legal support for complex transactions related to petroleum products and the oil market.

We regularly serve and advise leading companies in the field. Our longstanding successful engagement in the sector is evidenced by the continued relationships we have with numerous petroleum companies.

Media, Advertising and Telecommunications

Our broad experience in media, advertising and telecommunications and the close professional relationships we maintain with various broadcasting organizations impart relevant experience, networks with industry stakeholders and first-hand knowledge and expertise in the sector which enables us to provide customized advice and legal support in this fast-growing field. In particular, we can guide you through the processes of regulatory legislation and obtaining necessary licenses.

Aviation Law

CLL is the practically the only legal company in Georgia with the knowledge of the process of obtaining state permissions in the field of civil aviation (AOC and OL), including possessing professional experience in relations with the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA).

Our team has all of the necessary experience and expertise to solve any legal issues that may arise in the aviation sector. We assist our partners with issues such as state registry aircraft registration and document preparation for obtaining all necessary certificates.

Maritime Law

Our team provides legal counselling to both individuals and legal entities in maritime law as well as legal services for all procedures for the registration of marine vessels and the preparation of relevant documents.

CLL has extensive experience in providing ship owners, terminals and ports with relevant services on the highest of professional levels.

Insurance Law

The CLL team has many years of experience in the insurance sector. Our professional staff can provide you with a broad range of legal services and consultation as concern insurance companies (insurers) and those utilizing these services (insured). We are also available to provide advice before any insurance contract is signed as well as consultation during the entire period of its validity.

We will maximally protect your interests in court as well as by mediation and arbitration should problems arise between the parties of an insurance agreement.

Intellectual Property Law

CLL offers ours clients a wide range of services in the field of intellectual property law. Our company has demonstrated experience in patent, copyright and trademark protection.

We provide consultation and legal support in the preparation of documents required for the registration of intellectual property in any relationship with GeoPatent or in the process of protecting, transferring or selling your intellectual property rights.

Banking and Financial Law

We have extensive experience in the banking and financial spheres with customers in Georgia as well as abroad. Our team is qualified to provide you with multilateral, innovative and practical legal advice as concern the most important issues of banking and financial law to include agreements and any financial transactions. We regularly provide legal services to various financial institutions including credit and investment funds as well as non-commercial legal entities.

CLL professionals will provide you with consultation and legal service vis-à-vis the various complex issues of financing and refinancing, loan liabilities, negotiating and preparing contracts or other document or any type or purpose. Cooperation with our team is a clear example that the interest of each individual client is our top priority.

Tax Law

CLL can offer you top-notch legal advice on tax law and customs issues including the particulars of international taxation systems. Additionally, we are able to provide representation in court at any stage of a tax dispute.

The depth of our knowledge and experience ensures full professional support for our clients’ business needs while providing innovative solutions within the increasingly complex area of tax legislation.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

Healthcare is always in the field of our team’s attention. Our experience in this sector duly and directly serves our clients on a wide range of issues related to healthcare services and pharmaceutical products and their vendors.

Our team will provide you with legal services as concern medicines and medical devices, the creation, merging or reorganization of pharmacies and hospitals, as well as making informed choices about medical insurance and maximizing the service provided by the contract. Additionally, we ensure the protection of the interests of employees in the healthcare sector and the effective settlement of existing disputes.

Gaming Law

CLL offers exclusive legal services in Gaming Law to assist companies to organize and implement lotteries, gambling and other prizewinning games. Our team will support you to plan your suitable gaming strategy, obtain relevant permits and licenses, drawing up internal rules and regulations of games in compliance with Georgian legislation and international requirements.

Our legal service fully covers legal assistance on organizing following games: Lottery, promotional drawing, pari-mutuel betting, casino, salon on gambling machines, gambling club, lotto and bingo.