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legal services

Licenses and Certificates

With active communication and collaboration with local administrative bodies, our team will help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits in such complex industries as export-import, media and telecommunications, winery, healthcare, aviation, maritime issues and the petroleum and oil sector.

CLL will provide legal counselling and assistance on any kind of tender requirements within these aforementioned fields.

Business Negotiation

We can assist and represent you in the process of business negotiation during a pre-contract as well as in the next stages of concluding deals and agreements.

CLL will also work with you to create the conditions which meet your interests specifically and ultimately bring you to a successful conclusion in all of your business negotiations.

Insolvency, Restructuring and Bankruptcy

CLL will provide you with legal services and consultations if your company is facing difficult problems such as insolvency. If your company is unable to cover its own debt, you will need to take care of its restructuring and maintaining its active status on the market in parallel with rather difficult and long insolvency proceedings. Our team will help you find the best way out of this situation and lead the process to conclusion.

Our lawyers are qualified in working to reduce potential risks and make the most effective decisions for a specific case. CLL’s team is ready to explore and find the most effective solution for restructuring a company while taking into consideration the client’s interests and requirements.

Legal Counselling

CLL offers legal counselling in the fields of business, civil and administrative law. Our professional staff is ready to provide individual service for every client in order to discuss and analyse existing issues or problems and work together to find the right way to solve them.

Dispute Resolution - Representation
in Court and Arbitration

CLL offers representation in court in the fields of business, civil, administrative and tax law.

Our company’s attorneys ensure the maximum protection of your interests in all instances of courts of Georgia including the Constitutional Court (if a constitutional claim is related to business). This part of our service also includes an analysis of a judicial decision and an assessment of the perspective of appeal.

International Trade (Export-Import)

CLL provides a wide range of legal and consultation services in order to promote the effectiveness of the export-import transactions of our partners. The company actively cooperates with the consular, custom points and brokerage companies of foreign countries in order to ensure the legally approved execution of all agreements and transactions.

Our team will also help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits through our liaison, communication and coordination with relevant administrative bodies.

Legal Outsourcing

At CLL, we believe that hiring a law firm is much more advantageous than the recruitment of an individual. In this way, we offer you the opportunity to establish a contractual relationship with an entire business entity and not just a physical person. We also provide the services of a team with a collective body of knowledge, experience and expertise.

The law firm also brings with it an accumulation of corporate memory which can only be advantageous for clients.

Starting a Business or a Non-profit

CLL will provide you with comprehensive legal services and consultation on issues related to the registration of a business or non-profit organization.

Our team will evaluate and explain the legal risks you may face, help you in the processes of liquidation or reorganisation as required, assist with activities of merging and acquiring other businesses and offer advice in the process of choosing the optimal legal form for the success of your business.


We will provide legal counselling and consultation services in order to review any type of contract and ensure that it complies with any kinds of agreements in respect to Georgian law as well as the laws of foreign countries.

The CLL team’s vast experience and knowledge of contract law will enable you to create a fully legal contract that is also your guarantee of legal protection in the case of any ensuing problems or challenges connected to the risks associated with doing business.

Research in Law Practice and Policy

The CLL team can undertake and prepare comprehensive fact-based research on any commercial law issues you are facing in accordance with domestic and international law.

In the cases where it is required, we will familiarize you with international best practices and doctrinal legal opinions as we prepare legal conclusions based on local and international legislation and judicial practice.

Legal Due Diligence

CLL provides legal counselling to clients in order to identify and explain any defects within existing legal documents and offers ways for their elimination.

Our partners consider the legal research and audit as conducted by our team as one of the major components of our firm’s competitive edge in providing clients with legal protection on the highest of professional levels.

Mediation Representation

The mediation process is indisputably different from judicial trial or arbitration. Therefore, the strategies and techniques that have proven so effective in court hearings do not work optimally in mediation.

Lawyers need different representation approach, one tailored to realize the full benefits of Mediation. Instead of advocating as a zealous adversary, lawyers should represent their clients as a zealous problem-solver. And that’s by what members of the CLL team stand out.